Are Cleveland Police Inept?

Michael Lee Dalkin collapsed outside of Goldie’s Bar in Stockton on Boxing Day 2019 and tragically died the following day.
A murder probe was initially launched into the death of the 22-year-old, however in February 2021 Cleveland Police confirmed that the investigation had been closed after the death was deemed not to be suspicious.
On Friday, an inquest opened into Michael Lee’s death at Teesside Coroner’s Court and a pre-inquest review was held to determine the details the inquest will cover.

Coroner Bailey detailed that she would be considering a number of factors to determine the cause of Michael Lee’s death, including whether his heart condition was an attributing factor and the conduct of bouncers at Goldie’s bar at the time of his collapse.

The family also requested that the court consider hearing the accounts of ‘witnesses on Michael Lee’s behalf’ who were onlookers at the bar during the time of the incident.

Michael Lee’s mother, who had been with him earlier in the evening of December 26, claimed that witnesses from the bar had tried to provide Cleveland Police with statements “but the police would not take them“.
Coroner Bailey agreed to make further enquiries with police about information from onlookers and also said she would review CCTV footage prior to the hearing to consider if it would add anything to the inquest. She also added that Reece Hugill, Shaun Calvert and Paul Raffiq, the owner of Goldie’s Bar and Ché Bar would be required to attend the inquest to give evidence.

As Reported by Teesside Live:

Below is a 101 call to the same police force by one of our team trying to report a crime, it takes nearly one hour in total and nothing was done, we’re still waiting for police response:

A 101 Call to Cleveland Police

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