My Story

About Me

Hi I’m Orangzabe Latif (Rangy)

Thank you for taking your time in listening to what I have to say and show you.

This is me breaking silence of how me and my children have
been mistreated by the social services since 2014 and till present.

They have destroyed my home.

They have allowed my children to be physically and mentally abused etc etc.

They have ignored all concerns that me and my children had raised to all professionals in England
just to cover a social workers failings.

This is due to preconceived views regarding fathers.

This has not only happened to me but there are many others who have been treated in similar ways.
I am asking for help and support in regarding this situation.

When a child breaks silence regarding crimes, that have happened to them and emergency contact have been contacted by them such as 999/101, NSPCC, child line etc etc and no aid is provided,

The information which is then withheld from judges and other professionals,
but then replaces by lies and stories and presented to judges and other professionals.

If you need any clarity please don’t hesitate to contact me on my email address which is: [email protected]