A campaign group led by chronically ill and disabled mothers has launched a ‘Charter of Rights’. It is in relation to how social services and family courts treat them and their children. However, the charter shouldn’t be needed in the first place – as all the campaigners are ultimately calling for is the respect and implementation of their fundamental human rights. Sadly, with discrimination in social and child services rampant, these mothers and their allies have little choice.

Social services: providing a wholesale marketplace for children

As the Canary documented in a series of articles:

The state’s adoption of children has effectively become an industry in recent years. However, not all mothers and caregivers are subject to social services taking their children from them. This is because the state is disproportionately targeting women the system marginalises – be it due to ethnicity, class, disability, or chronic illness. It shows that systemic racism, ableism and classism pervades a service that is supposed to support children, not snatch them from their mothers. And the driver for all this is private profit.

Source: https://www.thecanary.co/uk/2023/07/13/social-services-disabled-mothers/

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